UK - Central Europe Hydrogen Energy Collaboration in Policy and Technology Workshop - Budapest, 26 September, 2019



The first ever UK – Central Europe technology and policy workshop took place on 26 September 2019 in Budapest bringing together policy, industry (and research) to familiarize with UK enabling policy landscape and technology offering in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across transport and power to help CE’s policy environment. UK has considerable technology and policy experience, which can be useful for Central European countries where hydrogen solutions are gaining attention and momentum by policy makers and industry. During the Workshop Central Eureopean countries had the possibility to introduce shortly their national hydrogen-technology development plans.
The first ever forum brought together primarily stakeholders from the government (policy) sector and corporate sector, especially those who already have realized, participated or plan hydrogen energy projects in their country. Besides regulator bodies, research and innovation, national hydrogen associations (multiplier organisations) were also expected to participate. The UK – Central Europe Hydrogen Energy Collaboration workshop provided a unique opportunity to exchange experience and best practice in hydrogen energy solutions among all those who are working with hydrogen technology solutions, responsible for the provision of alternative fuels, fuel infrastructures (especially hydrogen refuelling stations) and fuel cell vehicles, as well as energy production.
Altogether 80+ participants were present from eight countries, which reflects considerable interest.

Press release / Sajtóközlemény:

Country presentations
Hydrogen Opportunity Map

At the Workshop the Central European countries had the possibility to present the summary of their national hydrogen technology development strategies and the main projects they are delivering or planning. These presentations, and the results of a questionnaire are summarized in this CE Hydrogen Opportunity Map. Gaining an overview of the hydrogen development plans across Central Europe can be the first step to facilitate partnership building and to exploit synergies, especially in the area of hydrogen refuelling station deployment, as the creation of an interconnected, “permeable” hydrogen network in the region.


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